This just in…

Got your attention? I hope so. Potter Street Books would like to share with the world the first review for The Shadows We Make from BookLife. It’s exciting, wonderful and right on the mark for what the author wished to convey.

Here’s one quote: “…this beautifully crafted novel’s enticing premise and creative blend of familiar elements with welcome surprises will appeal to readers of all ages.”

And another: “A beautifully crafted SF dystopia, boasting relatable characters and a skillful plot.”

The reviewer suggested The Shadows We Make would be a great read for fans of Tara Brown’s Born or Bella Forrest’s The Girl Who Dared to Think, which puts this novel in high company.

If you’re interested in reading the whole review, you can find it here.

Don’t forget–The Shadows We Make is available for pre-order now. And thanks, as always, for your interest!

The Shadows We Make by Jo Allen Ash

Potter Street Books is thrilled to announce the July 2022 release of the young adult dystopian fantasy, The Shadows We Make, by Jo Allen Ash.

Grace Irese, sixteen-year-old desert warrior with a chip on her shoulder, is gifted in ways she does not yet realize. Duncan Oaks, teenage member of the Grif-Drif Con-Artist Guild, is a boy who has made one bad choice too many. When they are both remanded to an off-world juvenile facility with lifetime sentences. Grace and Duncan plot an escape into the horrific environment beyond in order to save Duncan’s sister from Grace’s war-torn world.

Set in dark alien words and told in the first person with three separate voices, The Shadows We Make is a young adult tale filled with bravery, magic and the binding power of friendship.